Who We Are

Nutrien Ag Solutions is Australia’s leading agribusiness for a reason: Through our expertise and close partnerships with research and development organisations, we provide the latest horticultural products with a personal touch.

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We help. You grow.

Nutrien Ag Solutions has been a part of rural Australia for over 180 years. Everything we do is to help you achieve your personal, business and financial goals.

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What We Do

Nutrien Ag Solutions is an integral part of the Australian agricultural industry. Our generations of experience have made us experts in a range of different farming areas, including precision farming services, marketing livestock and wool, agricultural services, finance, insurance, merchandise and real estate.

We are the largest distributor of both farming supplies and fertiliser in Australia servicing clients nationwide. Our team of more than 4000 farming experts are committed to upholding the mission and values that have kept us a vital part of this industry for more than 180 years.


Our Vision

At Nutrien Ag Solutions, we're committed to growing value through a world of innovation, practically applied.

Our Mission is to always have:

  • Unrivalled expertise. We employ the best and brightest minds, supported by an extensive network of corporate branches, franchises, members and agents. Simply, we understand your needs and what matters to you.
  • An extensive range. We offer merchandise, fertiliser, farm services, wool, livestock, finance, insurance and real estate.
  • Unwavering commitment. With more than 180 years experience and over 700 locations across Australia, we dig deep in rural communities to provide value and service for the long haul.
  • Strong supplier relationships. We foster close relationships with our suppliers and partners, offering us access to the latest developments and ensuring our customers are always up to date.